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Tasty, healthy and responsible food!

Our chefs and nutrition experts are passionate about their profession. Every day they create delicious, well-balanced dishes. To this end, the best traditional and seasonal ingredients are selected. In short, all that you need to feel good and perform optimally.


Above all, you should enjoy eating and drinking. Therefore, we take care to provide a balanced and varied menu as well as indulgent products. In order to guarantee the best taste, our chefs prepare the tastiest dishes daily. As many seasonal products as possible, preferably from Dutch soil. The result: healthy and truly delicious dishes.

Eat and drink healthily, and you will feel good about yourself! A tasty, fresh meal gives you energy and boosts your vitality. To create great dishes that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and maximum performance, our chefs work closely with nutrition experts. Fruits and vegetables are key, and we aim for an offer containing less meat. In order to reduce our meat offerings, we use more vegetable proteins. Instead of adding extra salt, we use herbs and natural seasonings. For instance, in 2019, 27% of our cold served sandwiches have 90% more vegetables. That's almost 56.000 kilo's of vegetables yearly. Per sandwich that's 14% more vegetables, based on your recommended daily allowance. Also the daily fibre intake increases with 6,6% , because in our farmer's sandwiches, we have subsituted white bread for whole grain alternatives.

Sustainable products are healthy and have a lower environmental impact. Fresh ingredients from the Netherlands are environmentally friendly and, if you eat them in season, they also have much more flavour. We aim for less meat,  that has resulted in 19% less meat or fish on an average of 1,6 million sandwiches.  Which means 10.666 chicken and cow lives saved. The meat we do serve is pure Dutch and responsible Double Dutch Beef.

We always strive for the least possible pesticides during cultivation. And, by using accurate waste measurements in our kitchens, we call for a halt to food waste.

More vegetables
We serve vegetables or lettuce with every dish. Besides, our bread rolls are also nice and green. Our new sandwich line has an average of 35 grams more vegetables and 10 grams less meat. That means 19% less meat and 90% more vegetables. Delicious, renewed recipes focused on taste. A nice side effect is that just by 'greening' our sandwiches, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions and leads to less water consumption.