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our vision on sustainability

As the world's largest food service company, we have the support, expertise and opportunity to deliver a positive impact on both people and the environment. Our vision is based on the following three priorities:


Health & wellbeing
Nutrition, health and happiness are our core values.
We believe that food enriches life and health. This starts by improving nutrition, but further focuses on transforming health, happiness and productivity.

Better food choices
We promote active, better menu choices that are in line with your lifestyle and your preferences.

Mental Health
The mental health of your employees is of paramount importance. Therefore, we look at possibilities to increase their happiness and productivity.

Overall wellbeing
We deliver the tools that help to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Environment game changers
Effective actions with which we can really make an impact.
We focus on core areas where we can make an important, valuable and positive change in food systems and the environment. Thus, this is also of benefit to our customers and guests.

Food Waste
Create radical waste reduction by raising awareness regarding large-scale food waste.

Single-use plastic
Working together with our suppliers for breakthrough solutions in materials that drastically reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Plant forward meals
Listening carefully to our consumer questions about plant-based choices and meat alternatives and improving the wellbeing of people and the environment.


Better for the world
Balancing our purchasing power to create a more positive impact along the food supply chain.
As a major player, we can make a big difference in how food is produced and the effects it has on the world. Each of the 5.5 billion meals we serve around the world each year offers an opportunity to positively influence every link in the supply chain. In such a way, we enrich the lives of people far beyond a visit to our restaurants.

Responsible purchasing
Working together with our suppliers, manufacturers and logistics providers to ensure that people, animals and the environment are cared for throughout every link in our supply chain.

Enriching local communities
Guarantee of fair working conditions, stimulating local purchasing. Tell the story about food, and how local communities prosper on this kind of entrepreneurship.

Partnership for major change
Collaboration with NGOs (non-governmental organisations), governments and other global players to monitor the impact of the food-related activity on society and the environment.